WHO is Rui Hachimura?? 2019 NBA draft TOP?

Hello.Do you know Rui Hachimura?? He is college basketball player.  He will be expected from the NBA draft at the top.Today, I introduce Rui Hachimura.日本語版はこちらから

Hachimura is?

(from https://basketballking.jp/news/ncaa/20171223/40325.html )


HIGH    6 ft 8 (2.03m)

WEIGHT 225 lb (102kg)

HOMETOWN    Toyama,Japan

COLLEGE  Gonzaga



As you can see from above,His team is Gonzaga it is powerhouse in America.

He is a third grader from this year.

His position is PF/SF.




He has 3 strong point.

first, He has great physical.

He is 6 ft8,225lb,and long arms.In addition, he has speed. he can defend 2~5.His longing player is Kawhi Leonard,And,his playstyle looks like kawhi. So he is expected to be like a real Kawhi.I hope too.


As I mentioned earlier, he can defend 2~5.When he was high school student, He played at center.He plays SF/PF now.He is an all-rounder.It is subtle that he plays SG,He can defend 2.So it is not problem.Steel is good.But what he is good at is blocked shot.He has blocked 10 in one game in high school days.His play style is suitable for modern basketball.

Third,probablity of outside

His outside was not good for compliment in high school days.But he plays SF/PF in college.He practiced shoting eagles.Then,his 3point probably reached 30%.Originally,his free throw probably was over 80%.There is possibility that it will become even better in the future.


You can know about Rui Hachimura?

Let’s cheer for the Gonzaga university together.

Im looking forward to next year’s NBA draft!!!!


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